• MindGym Meditations


    Mind Gym Meditations by co-founder Anisha Mahajan are contemporary translations of some the most effective mindfulness techniques across ages. She also demystifies these techniques by exploring the logic behind these mind-exercises. 

    These mediations are part of 'mind-exercises' that  help us improve our attention as we build the skill of Mindful Thinking that leads to more efficient and impactful actions. 

    The meditations are available for free on Insight Timer, world's #1 meditation app. You can also find the popular meditations via links below.

  • Breath Awareness

    This calming track begins with gentle explanation of the practice then goes in to quiet the mind with some breathing techniques. It then delves into the breath meditation, keeps you present-centered by keeping your awareness on the breath and helps you relax.


  • Thought as an Anchor

    This soothing track begins with a brief introduction of the practice before going into some breathing techniques to calm the mind. It then delves into meditation of using thought (or some call mantra) as an anchor. It gently guides you and becomes your companion for the duration of the meditation. Very simple yet powerful technique to help you relax at the same time practicing building the focus..