• MindGym Initiative is a Boston based non-profit focussed on spreading awareness about mindfulness among teenagers and adults

  • Founder and Coach: Prithviraj Banerjee

     Prithvi Raj Banerjee is a Boston-based, Indian Institute of Technology & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) educated technologist, entrepreneur and author.
    He is a Yoga and mindfulness coach and has trained under masters from celebrated spiritual traditions in the world. He is author of Unbox- the power of mindful thinking and The Chronicles of Kali, Magical realism based spiritual fiction that demystifies the mechanisms that have conditioned the human mind through a gripping story that cleverly clubs together history, adventure, and fantasy to reveal a transformative secret that can change your life!
  • Co-founder and Coach

    Anisha Mahajan is an IIT alumnus and a Boston based Technology Professional. Anisha is a spiritualist who is a serious meditator, a Yoga practitioner and coach. She is passionate about spreading the awareness of mindfulness and is a co-founder of MindGym Initiative. 

    As a MindGym coach she has conducted many workshops and camps with kids and teens. She has created guided meditations, videos, youtube channel and content that are used in MindGym sessions and some are available on this website.

  • Communications Chair

    Poornima Holds a MSEE from Bradley University , Peoria and works for a Defense Contractor in the Boston area . She has taken a lot of courses on meditation and Vedanta . Her passion includes spreading meditation,especially to kids with attention disorders . She strongly believes that meditation holds the key to one pointed focus and a happier and a content mind which in turn leads to a peaceful world