• Kālī represents the awakened inner force or Shakti that destroys evil. She neutralized a demon named Raktabeej, so called because his spilled blood would act as a seed and sprout out identical demons wherever it touched the ground. Just like one thought sprouts several others. Any attempt to kill this beast resulted in creating thousands more. Just like how efforts to contain thoughts end up.

    How did Kālī solve this vexing problem? She drank up all the blood that was spilled from each slain Asur. She contained the very seed of mental chatter, thus stopping the constant cycle of thoughts generating more thoughts. So essentially the metaphor Kali represented was a dramatized narrative about the age-old wisdom of transcending mental chatter – the source of all the suffering in our life.

    Join us for an enlightening conversation between two authors who have explored this aspect of Kālī in their books.

    Dr. Neela Bhattacharya Saxena, Author of  Absent Mother God of the West - A Kali lovers journey into Christianity and Judaism  

    Prithvi Raj Banerjee, co-founder of MindGym Initiative and Author of the book Chronicles of Kali - The Secret Book of Asurs, and Unbox! The power of Mindful Thinking.